The Times is now reporting that Charles Taylor has finally stepped down.

In his farewell speech broadcast nationally Sunday, Taylor said he was a “sacrificial lamb” stepping down to spare his people more bloodshed.

Sacrificial lamb? Given that he’s a brutal war crimminal conveyed off to comfortable asylum in Nigeria, those aren’t the first words to come to mind. If Pat Robertson gives him his own show on the 700 club, will that make him feel better?

Meanwhile, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf offers some historical perspective by looking back to Samuel Doe’s seizure of the country in 1985:

That was 1985. Sadly, the military stuffed ballot boxes and burned ballots, and Samuel Doe, a sergeant who had seized power in a 1980 coup, declared himself the winner. Liberians’ hopes were dashed by American recognition of the results. It is hard to imagine that Chester Crocker, the Reagan administration’s assistant secretary of state for African affairs, was not being deeply ironic when he praised Doe at the time for claiming only 51 percent of the vote. It was, he said, “unheard of in the rest of Africa, where incumbent rulers normally claim victories of 95 to 100 percent.”

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