A brief round of updates:

Verizon negotiations continued last night, with the company reporting major progress taking place towards a settlement, the unions reporting little substantive movement, and both sides committing themselves to continued talks. Work is continuing as usual in the interim.

Arianna Huffington has a press conference scheduled for today, and has confirmed to members of the press wide speculation that she plans to announce her candidacy for the Governorship. Meanwhile Arnold will announce tonight whether he’ll run, and the national AFL-CIO has come out in support of Davis and against Democrats running to replace him. You can see who’s filed a statement of intention to run for Governor here.

Finally, Bob Culver’s termination as Yale Vice President of Finance and Administration was apparently announced to Yale managers in a letter from President Levin chalking it up to the a sudden exasperation with the “long commute.” No official announcement has yet been made to the press or to anyone else in the Yale community, including the workers whose negotiations Culver was supposedly orchestrating.


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