Activists Stage ‘Block the Boat’ Protest Against Ship Bearing Walmart Goods From Bangladesh

At The Nation:

Elizabeth, NJ—About sixty activists gathered early this morning outside the Port of Newark to protest the arrival of a ship they said carried Walmart goods from Bangladesh. Hoisting cardboard tombstones spelling out Walmart’s name, and garments emblazoned with the names of workers who died in the New York City Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, the crowd declared the retail giant culpable for the deaths of 112 workers in a similar fire last month in Bangladesh. Chants included, “One, two three four, don’t let that boat come ashore! Five, six, seven, eight, don’t touch that shit, don’t move that freight!”

“The supply chain needs to change…” Alliance for a Greater New York (ALIGN) organizer Martiza Silva-Farrell told the crowd. “This is a start.”

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Global Day of Action Hits Walmart in 10 Countries

At The Nation:

Today Walmart workers are demonstrating at the company headquarters in Argentina; marching through Miami, Florida, and Santiago, Chile; leafleting customers in Nicaragua; rallying outside stores in Brazil, India and South Africa; and delivering a letter to the head office of Walmart’s UK subsidiary ASDA.

As I reported yesterday, actions are planned today in ten countries, on five continents, as part of a Global Day of Action in protest of alleged retaliation against workers who are organizing in the United States. The protests are a project of global union federation UNI, the US union-affiliated Making Change at Walmart campaign and the union-backed worker group OUR Walmart.

“It’s wonderful to know that Walmart workers around the world are standing with us,” Jesus Vargas told reporters on a noon conference call. “Our actions affect not just Americans, but our customers and workers around the world.” Vargas, who worked for Walmart in Placerville, California, and joined OUR Walmart two years ago, is among the workers who have filed National Labor Relations Board charges alleging they were illegally fired for their activism. UNI has expressed concern that, if left unchecked, Walmart’s alleged abuses in the United States could spread to more workers in other countries.

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