JRE MHP 12-16-12

About Josh Eidelson

Josh Eidelson covers politics, policy, and labor for Bloomberg Businessweek. His work has appeared at outlets including The Washington Post, Reuters, and Slate; his reporting has been cited by publications including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Eidelson was previously a reporter for Salon, the co-host of a podcast for Dissent, and the author of a blog for The Nation, where his work on the Walmart strike wave received a Sidney award from the Sidney Hillman Foundation.

After receiving his MA in Political Science from Yale, Eidelson spent five years as a union organizer for UNITE HERE in Sacramento, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. He appears frequently as a commentator on labor and politics on radio and TV. He is based in Washington.

6 thoughts on “About Josh Eidelson

  1. Josh,
    Your story on silica does not address whether the 100 deaths per year are due to a general industry standard that is too low or to widespread non-compliance with the current standard. OSHA compliance data show that one third of its silica samples exceed the current PEL and the PEL for construction is currently 2.5 times higher than the one for general industry that OSHA proposes to lower. There are a lot of exposures that exceed the general industry PEL and still the number of silicosis cases has declined over the past 30 years. Maybe we do need a lower general industry standard, or maybe we need to lower the construction standard to the general industry one and enforce both of them. When the cows got out of the pasture when I was growing up It was not because the fence was too low – it was because the fence was broken or the gate was left open. The solution should fit the problem. Silicosis is a tragedy, but assuming a lower standard is the cure is like assuming a lower blood alcohol limit will end drunk driving fatalities. Sorry about the double dose of analogy, but when you write about silica again can you at least acknowledge there is a potential compliance issue that may have something to do with current cases of the disease..

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